Hiking on the Slovenian Geological Trail

Have you ever visited the Slovenian Geological Trail? Don’t miss this unforgettable experience. The trail connects very important geological features through the whole Slovenia, across the Karavanke mountain, Julian Alps, through central part of the country, towards Croatia.
Part of the Slovenian geological trail in the area of the Triglav National Park starts with the Vintgar Gorge. Pokljuka Gorge ,Pokljuka plateau, Blejska koca hut, Lipanica pasture can be visited during your slovenian geological trail expedition. If you are interested in fossils of snails, shells, visiting the Studor pass is the perfect occasion for this. The Triglav Lakes Valley is the unique pearl in the world that you simply must see. You can reach this beautiful lakes after visiting the Velska dolina valley, Dolic and Prehodavci. Here are the important and interesting points that you should visit: Karst plateau Komna, Krnsko jezero lake, Zatolminske mountains, Tolminska korita, Razor pasture.


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