Goldenhorn statue

Goldenhorn statue, Bohinj lake

Legend of Zlatorog, Goldorn is well known. Many tourists came to take shot of beautiful Goldhorn statue next to the Bohinj Lake.

Legend of Goldorn (Zlatorog)

Goldhorn’s golden horns were the way to a fortune covered up in the mountains around Triglav. A fearless and young hunter from the Trenta Valley experienced passionate feelings for a lovely young lady and figured out how to win her heart by bringing her excellent blooms. Notwithstanding, one day a rich trader from Venice dropped by and attempted to addition her consideration by providing for her brilliant adornments and hitting the dancefloor with her. As the hunter approached the young lady, she mocked him. The hunter was desperate and left. Induced by an alternate hunter, called the Green hunter, who was said to have gotten regards to the destiny of a few genuine young men, he chose to go that very night to discover Goldhorn and claim his fortune. In the morning, they discovered it, shot it and sought after it. The moribund animal dragged itself onto a slender, rough ledge. Abruptly the young hunter saw on a perilous trail the most lovely and healing blooms. The Green hunter constrained him on to get the Goldhorn before it consumed the enchantment Triglav blooms that developed from its blood, yet it was past the point of no return. The Goldhorn had aalrady eaten one and the bloom provided for it colossal life power. It ran towards the hunter, who being blinded by the joy of its brilliant horns lost adjust and tumbled from the mountain. The stream Soča brought his dead body to the vale.

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