Cultural spots in Bohinj

There are so many cultural attractions that could motivate you to plan and book your unforgettable holiday. Here are some must-see cultural attractions in Bohinj.

One of the interesting thing in Bohinj are 6 granaries that are still well preserved. The granaries are used as a storehouses for crops. There are four more granaries in the village of Ravne and two in the village of Srednja vas. You can visit them and learn a bit about history of people who lived in Bohinj in 17th and 18th century. GPS Coordinates: 46.296847 West, 13.927059 North can be useful when you are looking those historical monuments.

Surrounded by Bohinj lake and old stone bridge sits the 700 years old Church of St. John the Baptist. If you are interested in Middle Age architecture and fresco paintings, than you should visit this beautiful church and take some photos.

The Church of St. Spirit is one of the most beautiful churches in the Bohinj. It was built by the farmers after monk from Innichen advised them to overcome three years poor harvest due to the worms.

There are several museums in Bohinj that you should visit and find out some more interesting information about this beautiful place.

Alpine Dairy Farming Museum in Stara Fužina will authentically remind you of life of herdsmen in the Bohinj’s pastures. In the Museum of Alpine Dairy Farming you will learn how alpine dairy farming became unique way of life.
By visiting Oplen House in Studor you will also be able to learn about a life in Bohinj years ago.

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