Bohinj in Winter

Winter activities in Bohinj

Bohinj is ideal place to spend your free time during the winter and green season.
Bohinj offers more than than 60km of cross-conutry ski trails, snow park, children’s park, sledging areas, possibility for night cross-country skiing, night sledging, first ski turns. If you are not such a big fan of ski adventures, you can always go on walk and enjoy winter romantic atmosphere, you can visit a wellness centre or beautiful local restaurants. If you are fan of extreme sports adventures than you should try winter tandem paragliding, snow rafting, airboarding, ice climbing, winter cycling, ski touring. For some of you will combine ski and swimming activities and fully enjoy in Vogel Ski Resort and Aquapark Bohinj. You can always purchase in the Bohinj area Bohing Ski Aqua Pass.

Ice Climbing

Of course you want to try and learn ice climbing in perfect winter ambient and from exeprienced instructors in Vogel. For this ice adventure you need proper equipment: winter clothes, ski shoes, cap, gloves. Other climbing equipment you’ll get from the organizer (Pac Sports). You will meet your group (1-6 participants) “Pod Voglom Hostel (Bohinj, RIbcev Laz). If you make reservation on time you’ll enjoy in ice climbing 2 hours. Price for 2 hours ice climbing is only 30.00e. If you decide to choose Alpe Bohinj as organizer, you’ll have opportunity to climb on natural waterfall that is 20m (groups) to 300m (individuals) high. This adrenalin activity is more for adventurers than for family with kids.

Night Sledding from Mt Vogar

Have you ever try the most entertaining winter fun in Bohinj? Night sledding on the longest sledding track in whole Slovenia. If your answer is no, it’s time to try. You will spend 2 unforgettable hours with your friends. Be sure to make reservation on time by calling these numbers ++386 40 864 202, ++386 45723 461 and you will enjoy in your 6 km long night sledding adventure. Price for two hours is 20e. This type of fun is reserved for adventurers and groups.

Sledding for Children

What can be more fun for kids than enjoying in a adrenalin run down the snowy hill with their parents. Don’t forget that sledding for parents and adults can be great exercise. Be sure to be always next to your children since sledding is performed at your own responsibility. There is several ski centers where you can enjoy sledding with your kids: Vogel Ski Centre (two conveyor ski lifts and a roundabout are available for kids while restaurant Viharnik is nearby), Senozeta Ski Centre, Pokljuka Plateau (parking and Jelka Hotel are located nearby), Soriska planina Ski Centre (Parking and restaurant TC Soriska planina are located nearby if you come by car and want to take lunch or coffee break), Telecnica Hill (Bohinjska Bistrica). In all of these Ski Centers sleds can be rented or you can use your own sleds. This activity is perfect for family with kids.

Full Moon Walk on Mountain Vogel

The best way to hear interesting stories, legends about Bohinj, Triglav National Park and Montine Vogel is during the full moon walk on Mt Vogel. Beautiful night landscape, good company, nigh lamps and warm clothes are everything that you need to enjoy 2 hours. If you want to experience full moon walk, you should make a reservation in advance by calling +386 31 374 660 (Grega) or sending an e-mail to Full Moon walks for the season 2013/2014 are scheduled for the 16th November, 14th December, 17th January, 14th February (Meeting hour at 19:15) and 15th March. Price for two hours is 15e. This attraction is perfect for adventurers and romantic couples.

Snowshoeing on Soriška planina

If you like to experience a winter wonderland by walk, then snowshoeing is perfect activity for you. You will enjoy in beautiful view and fresh air.
If you want to experience snowshoeing you should be in front of the Brunarica restaurant on the parking place at Soriska planina Ski Centre at 10:30. Program lasts 3 to 4 hours with minimum of 4 participants. You should take with you gloves, hat, backpack with food, warm hiking clothes and shoes. You should call and make reservation as well as extra payment for the transport from the valley.

Winter Mountain Biking

Have you ever cycling on the snow? Now you have a chance to experience this exciting mounting biking tour. Invite your friends (1-5), make reservation in advance and enjoy in exploring snowy landscape of the Bohinj Valley. Winter mountain biking will last from 1 to 3 hours but keep in mind that activity depends on weather conditions. Price for this snowy pleasure is 40e.

Snow Rafting Adventure

Don’t drink energy boost drinks, boost your energy with health adventure like snow rafting is.
This adventure is available in Bohinj from 16th December until the end of March. You can enjoy in this adventure with friends and family around 2 hours for only 20e. Snow rafting adventure can be performed the different locations and time.

Airboarding safari in Bohinj

Have you ever tried airboarding safari in Bohinj? If you are still not, it’s time to try. Invite five more friends, make reservation in advance and the adventure can start. Airboarding adventure can be performed for seven hours but can last longer, several days. You will airboard down a ski slope or outside on Mountain Vogel, Pokljuka or beneath Mountain Triglav.

Hike with Torches

Hiking with Torches is probably the most romantic adventure along the Bohinj Lake (Bohinjsko jezero). This adventure is available from autumn to spring every Saturday at 6 pm. Perfect for your family members and friends.

Paragliding from the Mountain Vogel

Paragliding adventure last only 20 minutes but can bring you so much excitement that you’ll never forget. You will paraglide in tandem and see unforgettable views. While paragliding, you’ll be able to see Lake Bohinj (Bohinjsko jezero), Julian Alps, and the entire valley of Bohinj. There are three takeoff points and the most recommendable is four-seat ski lift (Orlove glave). The flights will last about 20 minutes and will start on 1650m above the sea. After the flight, you will land near the Kramar restaurant on Lake Bohinj’s shore. This adventure is available from July to August, every day (depending on the weather). Bohinj weather conditions can be checked in Vogel Bohinj Ski Centre

Ice Skating in Bohinj

If you like ice skating you can make choise between three ice rinks in Bohinj (at the Pod Skalco, in Bohinjska Bistrica, near the Senozeta Ski Centre. The conditions are not always perfect for ice skating that’s why you have to be very careful and walk on ice at your own responsibility.
Senozeta ice rink is avaliable every day from 9:00 to 18:00; Bohinjska Bistrica ice rink is avaliable every day from 8:00 to 22:00; Pod Skalco ice rink is available every day from 11:00 to 21:00

Ski Touring in Bohinj

With an experienced guide and nice weather you can experience the most beautiful sites for ski touring in Slovenia. The ski touring season last from December to May and you can choose easier tours like Rodica, near to Pokljuka plateau, Mountain Komna. Ski touring is available for 49e.

Winter Hikes in the Julian Alps

If you are passionate for winter hiking, have knowledge and mountaineering skills, equipment, experience and physical conditions, than walk through the Bohinj villages and along the lake are perfect adventure. You can hike alone but it’s more safe in guided groups. If you want to enjoy completely in winter hiking you should be familiar with maps reading, gps,compass, you should have winter equipments (crampons, avalanche transceiver, ice pick).For reservations you should write to

Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing could be fantastic experience in Bohinj with more than 70km of tracks during the suitable weather conditions. You can rent equipment, take some cross-country skiing lessons, or you can repair your ski.

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