Bohinj in Summer

Bohinj is simply magical in summer. There are plenty of activities that you can do from Spring to Autumn including Summer.

Experience hiking in Bohinj lake

Hiking is the perfect activity to explore Bohinj and surrounding places. You can hike from Ukanc to Savica waterfalls and enjoy in a beautiful creature of nature. If you are not so experienced hiker you can participate in the International Wild flower festival and enjoy in thematic hiking such are: Botanical tours,Ornithological tours (easy with bird observation),
Photographic tours. Here you can find more about hiking options in Bohinj.

Experience biking in Bohinj lake

There are many different ways to explore Bohinj but exploring by bike can be very exciting especially because of plenty challenging Biking trails. You can perform cycling safari, ride to Pokljuka, Explore Bohinj,enjoy in Vogel mountain bike park, ride to the Savica waterfalls.

Fishing in Bohinj Lake

People who like fishing will tell you that Bohinj Lake (Bohinjsko jezero) is perfect place to enjoy in nature, crystal water, waiting for the right moment to catch a fish. Spring and Autumn are perfect for this activity since the temperature of water is not so high and there are plenty of fish. During the Summer Bohinj Lake can be overcrowded.Fishing on the Bohinj Lake and on the Bohinjka River will motivate you to come back next year and explore more fishing spots.

Aquapark Bohinj Wellness Center

One of the most desirable way of relaxation in the Bohinj is visiting Aqua Park. Different types of massage will make you feel relaxed and ready for the everyday duties.Therapeutic massage, classical body massage, different cosmetic services, fruit massage, chocolate massage, foot massage, body peeling, facial massage, therapeutic back massage, visiting solarium will renew your life strength

Legend of Goldorn (Zlatorog)

Legend of Zlatorog, Goldorn is well known. Many tourists came to take a shot of beautiful Goldhorn statue next to the Bohinj Lake. You can make your kids happy by letting them to play in different fairy tales within the Fairyland of the Goldhorn. You can enjoy exploring the pastures and trying to find the Triglav flower – Potentilla nitidus within the International Wildflower Festival in Bohinj.

Experience rafting in Bohinj lake

For those who are adrenalin adventurers we recommend the most exciting activity in Bohinj, mini rafting. Mini rafting adventure can be performed on the crystal clear and green Sava Bohinjka River and you will enjoy during your ride on the Sava Bohinjka River waves.

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